This has got to be UNDERSTOOD!

The Law of Supply and Demand states that when there is a surplus of a product and little demand for it - its value (i.e. price) goes DOWN !  With great demand -its value (price) goes UP.  

Money is a product - PERIOD - and its value has been dropping longer than anyone can remember. Therefore, it has always been in SURPLUS in relation to demand. We have been taught incessently (as have our fathers and grandfathers) that we should be frugal. We should save and not ask for too much except that our basic needs be met. Meanwhile, those that have amassed great fortune have ignored these messages of frugality. Obviously, the powers-that-be want this surplus of money to continue, and this is only because money creates itself beyond control - it is like life and nature itself.

The question is, if there is so much money, where can you find some?

Natural Abundance is here for that reason.

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Do you want to be one of those people who never did what they said they were going to do?

Or, do you want to turn your life around and show yourself what you can really do?


Is Free-Enterprise Dead?

How many people do you know who are perfectly content with just barely having their bills, car payments, food and rent or mortgages paid for,  and maybe a single week (or two) of vacation per year? How many  people do you know who have even less than that and feel stuck with it? To some degree, we all accept the fact that we are "just getting by."

Your friends, family, cousins and in-laws would all agree that this "getting by" is an acceptable place to be - but is it? Is having the minimum enough. We were all encouraged in our schools to do a little better - even to do our best. What happened to that? Did we all just give-up when we realized we had entered the "real world?" Was that the moment we suddenly had to face this hard-reality, and that our dreams were a lie? Maybe our teachers and parents were right (to a certain extent) when they encouraged us to be more, do more and have more - but we we're such naive little, young things.

Now we are cynical, skeptical, dis-satisfied and realistic, aren't we? Now we have an abundance of opinions related to our situations and lack of substance. Now we are adults fantasizing about a better life while we fixate on what we don't have, and what happens - NOTHING! After all, things ARE good enough.

Let me tell you something - it is NOT good enough. Until you can stand-up and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," it's all going to stay the same. We all have to reclaim our dreams, and make our plans on how to move towards them. This cooperative move will have those dreams now come towards you. This attractive move will have you become a magnet for what you want.

I suspect that if you are reading this, you have decided that you want to reawaken your dreams, and stop the weak and pathetic fantasizing that you have been practicing for way too long.

So how do you achieve your dreams and desires?

Unless you have a rich uncle, family connections or you rob the bank - there seems to be no solution - but there is.

The answer lies in the history of modern America. There are many who provided the example to us. They were those of ordinary background who had their dreams. They had normal and average intelligence and no college degrees. They reached a level of success in their dreams, desires and lifestyles. They had spirit - the entrepreneurial spirit.

Okay, so you say, "That's fine for them, but what about me?" "I don't have the money to invest in opening up a shop and selling my product." "I don' t have the college business-degree or any experience to do something like that!" Even your friends would tell you, "Oh, that's risky - you can't do that!" "You'll fail, and lose it all - it isn't worth it!" aren't you tired of hearing, "You can't do that?" The entrepreneurial spirit has been driven out of us bit by bit so we would accept more and more lack, and more and more compromise of our dreams.

The fastest growing businesses in the entrepreneurial arena don't require you to have a college degree or a lot of money and time to invest. It is possible to make some kind of money and profit in a short time, and this can be developed into a stream of income that brings you to a place that has changed your life. You can find a place where you have more time, and the money, to enjoy yourself and your life with your family and friends. This is the arena called Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Home Opportunities or work-at-home. This is where the true opportunity awaits for those of us who have little to start with.

Yes, it takes work, but what doesn't? You're first plan may not work, but as you learn and experience, you adjust and adapt. This is what nature does, and it is what we do all the time, anyway. You modify your plans and experiment with ideas until you have a series of small successes. It is the same as any business, and as these small successes add-up, you will suddenly find yourself in that place of "success."

Success, however, is not a destination - it is a journey, one filled with metaphorical "blood, sweat and tears," but one filled also with achievement, joys and reward!

Ignore the criticism of those who bash your entrepreneurial spirit. Ignore those who disdain your dreams that could be fulfilled by Network Marketing. Ignore dream-crushers and desire-vampires and follow your dream, work towards you dream, and step-by-step you will be in a different place.

You do not need tens-of-thousands of dollars to change your life, and even if you had it to invest in something more traditional like coffee-shop, it still wouldn't guarantee your success. While the Network Marketing arena is highly criticized, there are still plenty of honest and legitimate opportunities available to you. There is no shame is attaining your dreams as a Network Marketer, and no shame in sharing that dream with others. It is like all things, where some would disdain, others would celebrate! Which would you prefer? Where some would call all-things scam, others would call things amazing - it is all about personal perspective, and who you listen to.

This multi-level marketing, work at home arena can be amazing. It can be a challenge, and it can be rewarding and self-empowering.

Gregory Evans
founder - Natural Abundance
Global Information Network Lifetime Member Member
The only thing that prevents you from making money is ignoring the fact that there is money!
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