What is Natural Abundance?

Natural abundance is a state of being that we can all tap into - in fact, it is our birthright, our heritage and our responsibility. We are designed to live in abundance, prosperity and wealth, but as history shows us, thieves have constantly pursued riches that they are unwilling to share. Today, this is done by distracting us with issues that are contrary to the truth, and in many cases we are told direct lies regarding our natural state of well-being.

This is why this portal called "Natural Abundance" exists today. It is the foundation and core of the Natural Abundance family of websites which also includes "Experience the Global Information Network", "The Power of GIN" and "GIN Magick". 

So how did all this start? Last year I had had it up to my eyeballs and couldn't take it anymore. Strugglling not only month-to-month or week-to-week, the pressures were on day-to-day and minute-to-minute. I was obsessed with my own misfortune.

Then I heard about GIN. I thought that as amazing as it sounded, it was something that was completely out of my reach, only because there was no way in my mind that I could EVER come up with the initiation fees and monthly dues. Then my wife and I were discussing a bold move - we actually considered saving money somewhere - even if it were only $20 a week - something, anything!  Meanwhile, I thought that if I only had the money, I would join the Global Information Network. Within three weeks I received an unexpected check in the mail, and that was it. I joined GIN! This was just back in 2010.

Since then I have met a number of other members who understand our true heritage as humans, people who are pursuing their dreams, and who are there o help each other on this path towards wealth. My life has changed, and I now present to the public what I have learned and continue to learn by way of this website.

The rewards that come from affiliation with GIN have greatly influenced me, even in material ways. I will be receiving and award of $10,000 from GIN simply because I became a member (this bonus will be that personal savings account I mentioned above). In January, 2011, I went on a free cruise, ALL expenses paid - even the food and tips! Now, for me, the cruise itself was unimportant. What was important is that this trip had three days of events, lectures and workshops geared towards bringing wealth into life. The ship was chartered exclusively by GIN, and everyone there was there for the same reason. That reason was to claim our rightful possession of natural abundance in our lives.

It is my feeling that anyone who wishes to change their lives and are willing to take those steps forward, moving away from those things that don't serve them, should join GIN. Remarkable things will begin to happen.

The Natural Abundance website is here to assist those in taking that first step in changing their lives, and will remain for those who join GIN either as a member or affiliate through NA. 

Gregory Evans
GIN member
Founder of Natural Abundance


Legal Notice: All statements on this website regarding earnings, income, effort, and/or your likelihood of success are estimates. Expect that you may or may not exceed them. Your personal success is yours and yours alone, and is determined by many factors, including your desire, dedication, effort, ability to follow directions, personal talent, and consumer demand for the products and/or services in your primary business. These factors are beyond the control of Natural Abundance.

Neither Natural Abundance nor GIN make any guarantees - express or implied - regarding your experiences and results. Running a business involves numerous risks. Do your due diligence before affiliate yourself with any programs or activities. You may obtain advice from an attorney, accountant, or other qualified professionals before starting. By affiliating yourself with GIN and Natural Abundance, you are expressly agreeing to assume the risk associated with their use and are agreeing that neither Natural Abundance nor its founder are responsible for any losses you experience.

Beyond presenting the Global Information Network, Natural Abundance can be viewed as an educational source that focuses upon giving its GIN Affiliates and Members knowledge in the work-at-home/ Network Marketing/ Online arenas, personal and motivational coaching and mentoring based on the GIN methods and the Law of Attraction. It is simply our intent to help you improve your level of success, though this success is still completely up to you.

This notice was last updated on June 15, 2011.

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