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GIN Affiliate Benefits

The Global Information Network (GIN) affiliate program is a ground floor money making opportunity that allows you to partner with one of the world's newest global internet based organizations. 

Recommending people to become members in GIN is simple.  Best of all - you can join our affiliate program absolutely free.  If you are already a Global Information Network member, you do not need to sign up again with our affiliate program since you are automatically enrolled in the GIN affiliate program when you become a member of GIN.  The GIN affiliate program is simple and unique.
            • You earn $200 on each and every person that you refer to GIN who becomes a member and 20% of all collected dues from members in your first two tiers. Continued commissions to unlimited levels in your downline.
            • You can refer people from any country in the world.  You have a worldwide market.
            • Every person you refer who becomes a member is automatically enrolled as an affiliate.
            • You may also enroll new affiliates who do not become members.
            • You will have access to the Affiliate Library on the GIN website which provides information and documentation so you can fully develop your downline of members signed up under you.
This is important. Every affiliate you enroll becomes “tagged” to you.  YOU receive $200 for every new member your “tagged” affiliates enroll.  The only requirement is that you must sign up at least 1 new member in the month to get paid on all the new members your “tagged” affiliates enrolled that month. With this SIMPLE affiliate system you can see the AMAZING power this program has to generate consistent and large monthly income for you.

Please note that as a Global Information Network affiliate, you will be subject to the terms and conditions in the Global Information Network Affiliate Agreement.

Key advantages of this program:
  • You earn $200 for every person you refer who becomes a new member in GIN
  • You earn $200 for every person your “tagged” affiliates refer who becomes members in GIN
  • You continue to earn a percentage of dues payed by those further on in your downline.
  • There is major incentive for EVERY affiliate to sign up at least 1 new member in GIN each month, ensuring you a STRONG, consistent and large monthly income.
  • All the people you refer who become members in GIN are automatically enrolled as an affiliate and “tagged” to you
  • You can enroll new affiliates who do not become members in GIN and be paid by those who also become members under them.
  • Affiliates are not required to become members in GIN
  • Becoming an affiliate is free

Unlike other "product-oriented" MLMs, with GIN you are not “selling” anything. You have no product to buy, stock or market to the public. You are simply encouraging people to become a member in the Global Information Network, the world's newest and most unique sovereign private and exclusive member only society.

Global Information Network is a ground floor money making opportunity.


How do I Join?

All you need is 5 minutes! Joining is absolutely free! Click on
"Become a GIN Affiliate" here.

To join you must enter  the code
to confirm your invitation.

To become a GIN affiliate, you must be referred to GIN by a GIN member or GIN affiliate
in good standing. Natural Abundance will satisfy that requirement for you.

As a note of importance - if you join GIN sponsored by a Full Member such as Natural Abundance, you can enjoy certain benefits and be available to knowledge that an Affiliate sponsor cannot give you. Affiliates are limited to what they receive from GIN, and can only offer you what they have learned. There is still a level of confidence that will limit you as an Affiliate, but a great amount of money is there to be earned with GIN no matter what your standing is.

If you join as a Member, you will automatically be an Affiliate.


Global Information Network
A new life begins with one step, and yours has just begun!

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